Damascus Road seeks to follow Jesus by transforming people, producing leaders, creating ministries and changing the world.

We’re explorers, adventurers, seekers, questioners, risk-takers, and learners. We’re a nondenominational community that has a special heart for the campus community while welcoming all of Tucson.

We believe Jesus came to earth to express the love of God, communicate the truth about reality, and invite us into a new life as a part of the revolution of God.

This revolution is a new way to think, do and be. It’s a movement of freedom, significance, love and reality.

Maybe there’s more to this life than what we see around us.
Maybe we were all born far from where we are supposed to be.
Maybe the revolution of God is among us, is reality, and we simply need to wake up and see it.

As a community, Damascus Road strives to see and experience this new life that God offers each of us. To this end, we investigate the world around us, using culture and current events to help us understand the relevance of Jesus in our world. We listen and learn from one another, and strive to be honest, authentic and supportive.

We do our best to show love to those around us, serving our neighbors and helping those in need. Plus, we like each other so we have fun, laugh, relax and enjoy life. We appreciate new perspectives and are always looking for honest people to journey with us.

We believe people are the heartbeat of God, so our gatherings are open to everyone. Come join the conversation as we explore culture, love, truth, life and God.